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Works 2018

Time Paradox


An apparent contradiction or a logical contradiction that is associated with the idea of time and time travel.

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L Imelight2


Nacht Collectief

LEDlights & nylon threads create an intriguing optical illusion which suddenly appears to make the impossible possible.

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Leefschool De Oogappel

Charmingly illuminated birds, reflecting how the children feel about themselves: little birds of happiness.

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Missing House

LUCA, School of Arts ism Odisee, Gino Dierickx en Thibau Lavent

The street scene of Ghent will be a bit completer during the Light Festival.

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St├ęphane Masson

A laughing baby, a pink elephant, a dancing man, a giraffe. 448 glass jars stacked neatly in a row.

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Pixel Forest

Bram Lemaire

Upside-down water containers transformed into a landscape of illuminated trees, like a pixelated wood in the city.

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Voiture 21

Milosh Luczynski

Milosh takes you on an imaginary train journey. Vast landscapes follow each other at a rapid pace.

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