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Works 2018

Pattern 5.0, live sessions

Milosh Luczynski

The walls of the Luminus power plant are brought to life with images and sounds in a live DJ session by Milosh Luczynski.

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Arbre Magique

Nerdlab, Octohedron

A steampunk projection with industrial elements in relation with electronic sounds.

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A Spectacular View

Yonas Seyoum en Zeno Peeters (Luca School of Arts)

A Spectacular View wraps the street scene in Chroma keys in the form of large light curtains.

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Light in action!


Interactive demos of light researchers of the Ghent University :discover that light is extremely interesting!

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Academie voor Beeldende Kunst

Butterfly light sculptures realized by Annique Mahieu and students of the Academy of Fine Arts Ghent.

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Free Channel

Secundair Kunstinstituut

Light is imprisoned in the darkness but a few rays manage to escape every now and then.

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