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Meer dan 500 Gentenaars

Last year, during the lockdown period, more than 30 organisations, schools, residential care facilities, art academies etc. from Ghent transformed 500 identical lamps into 500 unique creations.

The creators, more than 500 Ghentians, sought inspiration from Ghent in all its facets for their lampshades.

The result is a broad range of quirky lamps, creative designs, funny, dazzling, glittering, ingenious and of course rebellious creations.

After a long period during which we had to stay in our homes and keep our distance, the lockdown lights are a symbol of the fact that we can go outside again, meet with our family and friends and give each other a hug.

They literally shine their light on the 500 Ghentians who became creators for the Light Festival during the lockdown period.

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Meer dan 500 Gentenaars