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Kunstenaar Matthew Dawn - animatie tBEDRIJF

Love and its transience.

In this work, Matthew Dawn wanted to depict the phenomenon of love and its transient nature.

The work gives the stately ELIA building a face and emotion. It reminds everyone that it is people who keep the factory running.

This is a project by Wallin’ in cooperation with ELIA. It is part of a two-part project together with the work "The Island" by Klaas Van der Linden.

Sorry not sorry

Do you want to discover more street art? In that case the “Sorry, not sorry” street art map of Ghent will give you the opportunity to explore Ghent differently by following the cycling or walking route along the colourful graffiti art in the city.

Music: Jim Hall

About the artist

Kunstenaar Matthew Dawn - animatie tBEDRIJF