New rou­te

Discover popular hotspots and lesser-known locations.

The new route takes the visitor through the city and – literally and figuratively - sheds a different light on various historical buildings, districts, waterways and historical heritage.

The Castle of the Counts, Korenlei, Korenmarkt, the City Pavilion and Sint-Baafsplein square are well-known tourist hotspots along the route. Visitors will cross the Sint-Michielsbrug bridge for the first time and enjoy the unique view of the towers of Ghent.

New locations

The route also leads visitors along lesser-known locations. Slachthuisbrug bridge, Coyendanspark and Spaanskasteelplein square in the Macharius-Heirnis district are a few examples of the locations that are included in the route for the first time, as are Ham, Nieuwland, Huidevetterskaai and Achterleie in the Sluizeken-Tolhuis-Ham district. Prinsenhof and Lievekaai are also included.